We are professional reindeer herders. Our reindeer graze freely traditional Sámi way. Reindeer for us is our livelihood, our food, our culture, our history, Sámi languages, traditional knowledge, clothing, handcraft materials and more.

Authentic winter experience at 

Angeli reindeer farm

At our reindeer farm in Inari you can meet free roaming reindeer and wild birds. 

You can choose a reindeer farm visit or a longer program to learn more about local culture and get to visit a local home.

Angeli reindeer farm has a Green activities certificate and we have gone through the Sustainable Travel Finland program to make visible our sustainable choises.

All of our visits are suitable for people of all ages. Short easy access. Fences can be reached by wheelchairs and our website is tested by visually impaired persons computer screen reader. We try to consider limited senses.

We have a small giftshop at our home where you can find unique jewelry and items handmade by the mother of the family.

Visit is always private. For small groups only. LGBTIQ friendly.

Head picture of a cute reindeer calf is taken by our lovely guest Samira Heimberg.

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A must do experience off the beaten track

Visiting Anne and the dogs, birds and reindeers in her farm is one of our best experiences so far in Finland! In only an hour, thanks to a thorough, knowledgeable, charming and interesting host, we learnt so much about reindeers, winter birds and Sami life and culture. It was lovely watching the beautiful birds next to the lake, say hi to the dogs and feed the reindeers. Watching the reindeers in the forest in the beautiful morning light was something! If you are in Inari, do not miss this authentic and interesting experience off the beaten track! Thank you, Anne!