No available visits left this winter!!


You can book a visit by email info@angelireindeer.fi 

Picture of our reindeer fur boots above. We call them "sovskammuuh" in Inari Sámi. The other picture above is a White reindeer standing infront of our home.


Please write us a WhatsApp or a email if you cannot reach us by phone. We do not always have time to answer when we are with customers or working in the woods with our reindeer.


Address is given after booking to protect our home privacy.

You can pay here by card or cash

INSTAGRAM @angelireindeer

Easy accessibility on all of our visits. Suitable for limited mobile person. Accessible Kuáti/Hut and ourdoor toilet.

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You can send us feedback or thoughts about our climate work by email info@angelireindeer.fi

Above is a link to learn about the everyones rights in Finland. And please remember to pick up your trash while visiting our beautiful Sámi land.

Above is a link for the bus timetables in Finland. Unfortunadly we do not have a public bus line to our reindeer farm. Nearest bus stop is 10 km away. You can contact a local taxi driver for transport.

We warmly recommend you to visit our beautiful Sámi museum Siida that is located 10 km from us. Tourism info is located there aswell.