Picture of our family by Tytti Bräysy @tyttitupuna

We work together as reindeer herders in three generations. 

I´ m Anne (second from left). Mother of three. I´ m reindeer herder and Nature producer by profession. I love fishing and exploring flora and fauna. I love to work with animals. Angeli reindeer farm is my small business. If you visit us you can support a sustainable small local business. I make traditional handcrafts for our family and also to sell. I use mostly nature materials like reindeer leather, fish leather and Pine roots. I also make jewelry with glass beads. We have a small giftshop in our Kuáti where you can find my handcraft.

I keep up Instagram accounts.

@karhukoru is for my jewelry.

@angelireindeer is my personal/business account.

We speak Inari Sámi at our home. Only 300 people can speak it. You can hear about our ways to keep our endangered language alive on our reindeer farm visit. 

My husband name is Janne (first on left). He is a professional reindeer herder. He is a hunter and a fisher and brings local food to our table. He can fix everything. Janne´ s family has been herding reindeer for over 400 years. And my family has had reindeer before the last war. We are proud to continue reindeer herding with our three children. Well-being of our reindeer is our top priority. 

We pursue in self-sufficiency in many ways. We hunt and fish. We pick berries and forage wildfood. We have a veggie garden and we grow most of our yearly vegetables. We make our own rich soil from our bio waste in four composts. We rather fix broken things then buy new ones. We suport the bugs and bees at our reindeer farm by growing flowers that bloom in different seasons and we have built many bug-hotels around our home.

Thank you for supporting our small sustainable business. 



Angeli reindeer farm pursue adding nature diversity on all of it´ s actions. We pursue saving natural resources for the next generations. We recycle and save surrounding nature in many ways. On our nature connected visit we tell our guests stories how important nature diversity is. Spreading our knoledge. Our visit is authentic and unique product. Visit is based on existing real home and lifestyle. Pointless building or extra things are not bought for visitors. Only what we and our guests actually need.

We are professional reindeer herders. Our reindeer graze free traditional Sámi way. Reindeer for us is livelihood, food, culture, Sámi languages, traditional knowledge, clothing, handcraft materials, nature, history, all! 

By reindeer herding nature comes very important for us. We do big and small things to help nature diversity. We have built 14 birdhouses around our home and we maintain those. We feed carefully wild birds through the long winter. Summer time we grow flowers that bloom in different seasons for the bees and the butterflyes. And we have built many bug-hotels. Every year we add more diversity to our surroundings.

Traditional Sámi handcrafts are made from nature materials. We make handcrafts from pine tree roots, fish and reindeer leather and fish bones. Handcrafts are made for our family and visitor can explore them on the visit. Variable availability is to be sold in our giftshop. Nature materials are clearly shown at our reindeer farm. It can inspire our visitors to apriciate nature more and decorate their homes with nature materials instead of mass produced plastic things.

Angeli reindeer farm has a Green activities certificate to show our sustainable actions. Sustainable actions are checked yearly and we have had the certificate three years now 2021 and 2022 and 2023.

Angeli reindeer farm has gone through the program of Sustainable Travel FinlandThe Sustainable Travel Finland label is only given to companies that meet a strict set of criteria.

Angeli reindeer farm has signed Sitoumus 2050 Decision-making respectful of nature.

Our five person family carbon footprint is 4000kgCO2e counted with We try to live sustainably.

Pictures of our veggie garden harvest. We grow vegetables during summer at our backyard.