Picture of our family by Tytti Bräysy @tyttitupuna

We work together in three generations. 

I´m Anne. Mother of three. Reindeer herder and Nature guide by profession. I love fishing and exploring wildlife. I love to work with animals. Angeli reindeer farm is my small business. If you visit us you can support a local small family business. I love learning and doing old traditional Sámi handcraft from pine tree roots and fish leather and reindeer leather. I also make nature inspired jewelry. Instagram @karhukoru that are sold in Siida museum and at our home. 

We speak Inari Sámi at our home. Only 300 people speak it. You can hear about our ways of keeping our language alive on our home visit or on our reindeer herd visit. 

My husband name is Janne. He is a professional reindeer herder. He is a hunter and a fisher. He can fix everything. He´s family has been herding reindeer for over 400 years. We are proud to keep it going with our three children. Well-being of our reindeer is our top priority. 

We aim to self-sufficiency. Our home has an ecological heating system. Our home is built from local wood. We hunt and fish and gather berries and other wild food. We have an arctic organic veggie garden. We also have a greenhouse to grow organic tomatoes, chili, bell pepper, herbs and cucumber summertime.


Tiervâpuáttim Welcome


Angeli reindeer farm pursue adding nature diversity on it´s actions. We pursue saving natural resources for the next generations. We recycle and save surrounding nature in many actions. On our nature connected visit we tell by stories how important nature diversity is. Our Reindeer farm visit, Home visit and Reindeer herd visit are authentic and unique products. Visit is based on existing real home. Nothing is built or extra bought for visitors. 

We are professional reindeer herders. Our reindeer graze free traditional Sámi way. Reindeer for us is livelihood, food, culture, Sámi languages, traditional knowledge, clothing, handcraft materials, nature, history, all! Reindeer need diversity in nature. 

Also wild birds that live around our farm need diversity in nature. We have built 12 birdhouses around our home and we feed carefully birds true long winter. 

Traditional Sámi handcraft are made from nature materials. I make these handcrafts from pine tree roots, fish and reindeer leather and fish bones. Handcraft are made for the family and visitor can explore them on the visit. Sometimes there are few traditional products to be sold on our reindeer farm. Nature materials are showed clearly at our home. It can inspire visitor to decorate their home with nature materials.

Angeli reindeer farm has a Green activities certificate to show our sustainable actions. 

Angeli reindeer farm has signed a Sitoumus 2050 Decision-making respectful of nature.

Our five person family carbon footprint is 3400kgCO2e counted with