I´m Anne. Mother of three. Reindeer herder and Nature guide by profession. I love fishing and exploring wildlife. I do old traditional handcraft from pine tree roots and fish leather and reindeer leather. My husband name is Janne. He is a professional reindeer herder. He likes to hunt and fish. He can fix everything. In the picture Janne is at our herd feeding the reindeer with some hay. This is how we can keep them in a certain area. Janne´s family has been herding reindeer for over 400 years. We are proud to keep it going with our three children. Well-being of our reindeer is our top priority. Our home language is Inari Sámi. Only 300 people speak it. We wan't to show our guests the genuine side of Sámi culture. 


For reindeer herders wilderness areas are important. We protect the last old forests for our reindeer. Our home has an ecological heating system. Our home is built from local wood. At home we use organic and local food mostly. We don't use chemicals but nature based cleaning products. We recycle and try to do our best for the environment. If you visit us you will support locals who respect and take care of the environment.