No available visits left this winter!!


You can book a visit by email info@angelireindeer.fi



-Meet our reindeer and learn about the local nature and culture-

These pictures show the atmosphire and the nature surrounding our small reindeer farm. In these pictures are our children feeding reindeer. And our reindeer herding dog called Riggee and one friendly Siberian Jay eating nuts and raisins straight from hand.

The Visit is always for you. For your group, family or friends. There will not be other guests at the same time.

Mother of the family will be your host. Nature entrepreneur and reindeer herder by profession.

1-25 person small groups only.

We have a wheelchair accessible warm Kuáti / Hut and wheelchair accessible outdoor toilet.

"But for example some electric wheelchairs with smaller wheels our reindeer farm can be challenging without assistance because of the snow and ground shape. That is why we call our reindeer farm visit CHALLENGING ACCESSIBLE."

Details about our 2 hour private visit:

Unique nature connected visit to a local Sámi reindeer herder family home. We are professional reindeer herders working currently together in three generations. We live by a lake side surrounded by forest and hills. Our home is located 10 km from the Inari village. Private address is given after the booking.

Our reindeer roam free traditional Sámi way. Wintertime we have reindeer around the woods near our home. Some reindeer are inside a fence for example orphan calves or wounded reindeer that need extra care. You can feed our reindeer with Lichen or dried Birch branches. You can easily photograph reindeer here by close.

We walk a short distance in the forest near by. I will tell you stories about our work as professional reindeer herders. From history to the modern times. You can hear stories about the importancy of nature diversity to our reindeer and how the global warming is affecting reindeer  and the wildlife in the area. I will teach you about the vegetation and the age of the forest.

We have friendly dogs at home called Riggee, Piergi and Tivgâ. Names are in Inari Sámi.

At our reindeer farm it is possible to see a SiberianTit and other wild birds that overwinter here in Inari. Good opportunity to take pictures of the birds. Entrepreneur is a member of the BirdLife and feeds wild birds carefully during winter. 

We offer our guests hot berry juice inside our Kuáti / hut.

In our charming warm Kuáti you get to hear stories about our endangered home language Inari Sámi. While listening to stories you can admire traditional handcraft and see how versitile we use nature materials in it. 

We grow, gather, fish and hunt most of our own food. Our guest can hear about our way of life.

We have a small giftshop where you can find handmade unique items. Pictures of few items below. We also sell naturally shed reindeer antlers and reindeer hides.


Above are few pictures of handmade items made by the mother of the family. In our giftshop we have a varied selection of items like these. Bags and bracelets made from traditionally tanned reindeer leather. Glass bead earrings. Recycled materials are used in scrunchies and in beaded bracelets. These unique items are sold only in our reindeer farm giftshop.

Angeli reindeer farm has gone through the Sustainable Travel Finland program. The Sustainable Travel Finland label is only given to companies that meet a strict set of criteria. Sustainable actions are checked yearly. By clicking the picture you get to read more.

Angeli reindeer farm has got a Green activities sertificate. By clicking the picture you get to read more.