Join us to see our reindeer herd

First you can visit our home and experience a local Home Visit. We will tell you about our family and our reindeer herder life style. 

Then we will dress you in warm overalls (s-xxl), shoes, gloves and safety helmets. 

Now you can sit back in the sledge and enjoy the wintry scenery of Inari while the reindeer herder drives the snowmobile. Area is surrounded by lakes, forest and hills. On the way we can spot wild animal track's. 

We herd the reindeer to keep them in a certain area. Our winter herding area. Some of our reindeer are very friendly and you can get close to them. You have a good opportunity to photograph the reindeer in their natural environment. After a cup of warm homemade berry juice and Cloudberry cake you can taste also our reindeer meat snacks. Then we will leave the reindeer in peace and head back to the farm. 

1-5 persons. Number of people is depending on their size. 

2 h 30 min- 3 h

Remember to make reservation in advance.

Available from 25 of February till the end of April.