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Visit our beautiful reindeer

We are a Sámi reindeer herder family of five. We live by a lake side surrounded by forest and hills 10 km from Inari. You can meet our lovely reindeer and learn genuine stories and facts about reindeer herding.

Our reindeer live free in the wilderness around the year. Some of them come to visit us winter time to get some food. Winter time we have also few of our reindeer inside a big fence. We will go there together to visit them. You can get close and photograph them. See and observe how they behave. You can feed the reindeer by hand. 

You can meet our reindeer herder dog Riggee as well. And maybe even some wild birds that we have around the area.

The Visit is always for you. For your group, family or friends. There will not be other guests at the same time. 

1-10 person (bigger groups negotiable)

1 hour 65€ person. Children under 12-years 40€.

Available only winter when we have snow.