Reindeer and local home visit


Booked private tours only. Contact us for booking:

2 hour visit 135€/person. Children under 12-years 25€.

1-16 person small groups only.

The Visit is always for you. For your group, family or friends. 

There will not be other guests at the same time.

Unique nature connected visit to a local Sámi reindeer herder family home. We live by a lake side surrounded by forest and hills. Our home is located 10 km from Inari.

We start the Home Visit by visiting our lovely reindeer. You can feed and photograph reindeer by close. We will walk a short distance in the forest near by. You can hear stories about the importancy of nature diversity for the reindeer.

Then you can visit our charming home. It is a traditional log house. You will hear stories about the local culture and about the Inari Sámi language revitalization.

You will be served a cup of Coffee or Tea while listening to our stories. You can admire our traditional handmade items and handcraft materials from nature.

We have a small shop at our home where you can find unique handcraft made by the mother of the family. We sell also reindeer antlers.

You can meet our friendly dogs Riggee, Risku, Rupu and Tivgâ.

At our reindeer farm it is possible to see a Siberian Jay and other wild birds that overwinter in Inari.

Pictures around our reindeer farm. Siberian Jay. Our friendly dog. Our blue log house.

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