Picture of a reindeer mother and her calf side by side.

Picture of a cute white reindeer calf with spots.

Picture of a mother of the calf waiting for the little one.

Pictures above by our lovely guest Samira Heimberg

Join us to see our free roaming reindeer herd and learn about Sámi culture while visiting our home. Lovely winter experience! Tour is 4-18 km depending on where our herd is. 

We are Sámi reindeer herder family of five. We live by a lake side surrounded by forest and hills 10 km from Inari. 

For this trip we have warm overalls (s-xxl), warm jackets (xxxl), shoes, gloves and safety helmets if you need to borrow our warm clothes.

You can sit back in the sledge and enjoy the wintry scenery of Inari while the reindeer herder drives the snowmobile. On the way we can spot wild animal tracks. 

We herd the reindeer to keep them in a certain area. Our winter herding area. 

Some of our reindeer are very friendly and you can get close to them. You have a good opportunity to photograph the reindeer. We will tell you stories about how important nature diversity is for the reindeer and for the local nature.

You will be served a cup of warm home made berry juice and berry cake and our smoked reindeer meat snacks. Then we will leave the reindeer in peace and head back to our home. 

At our home you can experience a local home visit. You get to see our family´s Sámi dresses. We will tell you about Sámi culture and about the Inari Sámi language revitalization.

We have a small shop at our home where you can find unique handcraft made by the mother of the family. 

You can also meet our friendly dogs Riggee, Risku, Rupu and Tivgâ.

At our reindeer farm it is possible to see Siberian Jay and other wild birds that overwinter in Inari.

This reindeer farm visit is private for you, your group, family or friends. There will not be other guests at the same time. 

LGBTIQ friendly.

2-9 person. Number of people is depending on their size. Sledge is for 2-4 person and 1 person can sit on the snowmobile. 

Youngest participant was three year old. Oldest participant was 89 year old. We can open the sides of the sledge so even mobile limited person can participate.

4 hour 200€ person. Children under 12-years 20€.

Available February, March and April. 

Booked private tours only. Contact us for booking.

Pictures above. Colorful Sámi belts. Our home covered by snow. Fine male reindeer. Siberiantit. Reideer. Traditional bag to carry Salt or medicine plants.